Peeps Cold Brew

April Drink-of-the-Month: Peeps Cold Brew

Get ready for a fun and unique coffee experience this spring! April’s Drink-of-the-Month: The Peeps Cold Brew.

Our twist on the classic cold brew involves infusing it with our signature Peeps flavored cold foam, creating a fluffy and delectable topping.

Imagine the marshmallow goodness of Peeps combined with the rich and smooth taste of cold brew coffee – it’s a match made in springtime heaven!

Whether you’re a die-hard Peeps fan or simply looking to taste something new, this drink is a must-try. Come on in and celebrate the season with a Peeps Cold Brew – you won’t be disappointed!

Be sure to thank Barista Tyce for this one–he’s been pushing this recipe for two years now!


About us

Roots Coffee & Co was the Salt Lake City’s Best Coffee Shop Winner 2022 as well. Our Coffee Shop is a modern coffee shop in the Granary District of Salt Lake City serving coffee, teas, and pastries. Again, stop by and try our April’s Drink-of-the-Month: The Peeps Cold Brew.

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What Customers say about Roots Coffee

Jennifer LaFreniere5 stars
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The coffee and the baristas did not disappoint! Very pleased with both drinks (caramelo and hazel rush) - perfect balance of rich espresso and flavoring. The chocolate covered espresso beans were the perfect finishing touch.
Heidi Clayson5 stars
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Very relaxing and cozy experience at Roots Coffee & Co. The Coffee is amazing. The owner Kenzie Packard is very friendly and the service is very efficient. I would highly recommend the Horchata Latte. So delicious and creamy. I will definitely be returning for more!! ☕️
Marissa McEntire5 stars
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Roots has the friendliest baristas! Great coffee, but I also love their London Fog (they add lavender, so good). Often add chocolate covered espresso beans on top of your to-go cup as a sweet touch. Nice space upstairs to hang out/work as well.

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