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Bring in Your Own Coffee Mug​

Bring in Your Own Coffee Mug

As we all strive our best to keep our wonderful planet clean, at Roots Coffee & Co., we want to be part of that movement and we encourage our customers to do the same. 

If you’re a Roots Coffee & Co. fan, you may want to get in the habit of bringing in your own cup when getting your caffeine fix. Starting this February 2022, the company is rewarding customers who do their part to help reduce waste. You can get a discount and earn rewards by bringing in a reusable coffee cup or mug. You can find out here how you can save money and help the planet.

Doing this will cut down on single-use cup waste. Now that the pandemic is more under control, we are welcoming this personal coffee mug practice again. Roots Coffee & Co. is introducing a new incentive to encourage more customers to reduce waste.

How to save money on your next coffee at Roots Coffee & Co.

Starting on Friday, February 22, participating Roots Coffee & Co. locations will give customers a discount and rewards if they forgo a single-use cup provided by the store. Customers who bring a clean, reusable cup and place their order in-store will benefit.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You’ll receive a 5% discount on your drink.
  2. You’ll earn an additional bean through your Roots Beans Loyalty program.

Don’t have a reusable cup on hand? Customers can take advantage of a one-day 25% discount on drinkware purchases at participating Roots Coffee locations.

Is This a Good Deal?

While 5% may not seem like a lot of money, the savings could add up if you’re brand loyal. However, the discount isn’t the only valuable perk. With this incentive, it’ll be easier to earn beans quickly!

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