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It’s Our Birthday Month!

Our Dear Roots Coffee Customers,

One year ago, Roots Coffee & Co. opened our doors in Salt Lake City, Utah and our wonderful journey began. Since the beginning, we have been a different kind of coffee shop, grounded in our sole mission to inspire and revamp the human connection after the awful pandemic. We were focused on nurturing the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

This month, as we celebrate our milestone anniversary, we want to first thank you for your continued support and for inviting us into your life. We truly cherish the friendships we have created over the past year. We are filled with optimism for our future: one where we give more than we take from the planet, create a sustainable future for coffee, positively impact the communities we serve, and enhance the lives of all who connect with Roots Coffee & Co.

The last 18 months have certainly brought unprecedented challenges in our society – with a historic global pandemic, extreme weather events, and racial and social injustice as just a few examples of what we’re navigating together. And as the economy continues to recover and more customers return to our stores, we’re navigating new supply chain challenges, staffing complexities, and other store pressures, much like others across the industry. Our operations and support teams have managed these challenges with flexibility and grace, working with urgency to find solutions. Roots Coffee & Co. partners have remained resilient, always rising to the occasion in support of other partners as we meet our customers where they need us to be. For that, and so much more, we are so grateful for each of you and so very proud to be your local coffee shop in Utah.

Please come celebrate our birthday celebration which will take place all day Saturday March 12th. Don’t miss out on all the fun giveaways along with our favorite local baker, The Dough Lady, and the SLC foodies who will be present celebrating with us! 

We know our success – past, present, and future – is built on how we partner together. This culture of belonging is both our heritage and our future.

We invite you to join us in building our next chapter. One where together, we create positive impact on people and the planet, grounded in what Roots Coffee & Co. has learned over the past year: human connection first, coffee second. 

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