Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte

May Drink-of-the-Month: Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte

Introducing May Drink-of-the-Month: Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte! Bursting with the rich, deep hues of real blueberries and the warm tones of raw brown sugar – this latte is a colorful masterpiece. Sip on the sweet and tangy notes of real blueberries while mixing it with the creamy goodness of your choice of milk! 

An Enticing Burst of Color and Flavor: The Role of Blueberries

Each sip of this latte is a burst of color and flavor. Real blueberries’ deep, rich hues are visually enticing, with each berry contributing to the stunning purple-blue tones that swirl through your drink. It’s an artful presentation that promises a delightful journey for your taste buds – a promise it effortlessly keeps.

Adding Warmth and Complexity: The Magic of Raw Brown Sugar

The warmth of raw brown sugar offers a gentle contrast, enveloping the tangy blueberry taste with a comforting, caramel-like sweetness. Its rich, earthy notes are a perfect foil to the freshness of the berries, creating a genuinely balanced flavor profile. This latte isn’t just sweet. It’s complex; every sip reveals a new layer of taste to savor.

Your Choice of Creaminess: Selecting the Perfect Milk

To enhance the overall experience, we’ve paired the vibrancy of blueberries and the comfort of brown sugar with the creamy goodness of your choice of milk. Whether you prefer the traditional richness of whole milk, the lightness of almond milk, or the unique creaminess of oat milk, the choice is yours. Each option intertwines beautifully with the blueberry and brown sugar, creating a luxurious texture and enhancing the natural flavors of the key ingredients.

A Symphony of Flavors: Celebrating the Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte

So come and embark on a journey of taste with the Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte. It’s not just a beverage but a celebration of nature’s bounty and the art of coffee making. Let the sweet and tangy notes of real blueberries, mixed with the earthy tones of raw brown sugar and your preferred milk, create a symphony of flavors that dances on your tongue. Enjoy the colorful masterpiece, the Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte, the perfect companion to brighten your May mornings or savor during a peaceful afternoon.

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Roots Coffee & Co was the Salt Lake City’s Best Coffee Shop Winner 2023 as well. Our Coffee Shop is a modern coffee shop in the Granary District of Salt Lake City serving coffee, teas, and pastries. Once again, come enjoy our May drink of the month: Brown Sugar Blueberry Latte.

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What Customers say about Roots Coffee

Jennifer LaFreniere5 stars
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The coffee and the baristas did not disappoint! Very pleased with both drinks (caramelo and hazel rush) - perfect balance of rich espresso and flavoring. The chocolate covered espresso beans were the perfect finishing touch.
Heidi Clayson5 stars
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Very relaxing and cozy experience at Roots Coffee & Co. The Coffee is amazing. The owner Kenzie Packard is very friendly and the service is very efficient. I would highly recommend the Horchata Latte. So delicious and creamy. I will definitely be returning for more!! ☕️
Marissa McEntire5 stars
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Roots has the friendliest baristas! Great coffee, but I also love their London Fog (they add lavender, so good). Often add chocolate covered espresso beans on top of your to-go cup as a sweet touch. Nice space upstairs to hang out/work as well.

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