Our Lovely Coffee Family

Our Lovely Coffee Family

The Coffee Family You Never Knew You Had at Roots Coffee & Co

Wow, what a ride it’s been! Our little haven of caffeine and smiles, Roots Coffee & Co., wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible people who walk through our doors. That’s right—WE MEAN YOU!

From the moment we opened up shop, it was clear that we had something special, and it’s all thanks to the incredible community of coffee lovers like yourself, who make it an absolute joy to fire up the espresso machine every single morning.

Our Fuel: Your Smiles and Support

You guys aren’t just customers; you’re the heartbeat of this place. Your ceaseless support, your daily check-ins, and—let’s not forget—those infectious smiles keep us motivated.

Honestly, you make it super easy for us to be pumped about brewing up some coffee magic! We don’t just grind beans; we grind to make your day brighter.

Roots Coffee & Co. reflects your love, and we’re beyond thankful for each sip and every moment shared.

Our Cheers To You, Our Coffee Tribe

You are our absolutely fantastic, can’t-live-without-you, coffee-obsessed family!

We’re endlessly grateful for every shared sip, every burst of laughter, and every moment that makes this more than just a coffee shop—it’s a home.

Here’s to you, our fantastic coffee-loving family!🌻💛

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About us

Come to Roots Coffee & Co to enjoy our CoffeeRoots Coffee & Co was the Salt Lake City’s Best Coffee Shop Winner 2022. Our Coffee Shop is a modern coffee shop in the Granary District of Salt Lake City serving coffee, teas, and pastries.

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What Customers say about Roots Coffee

Jennifer LaFreniere5 stars
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The coffee and the baristas did not disappoint! Very pleased with both drinks (caramelo and hazel rush) - perfect balance of rich espresso and flavoring. The chocolate covered espresso beans were the perfect finishing touch.
Heidi Clayson5 stars
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Very relaxing and cozy experience at Roots Coffee & Co. The Coffee is amazing. The owner Kenzie Packard is very friendly and the service is very efficient. I would highly recommend the Horchata Latte. So delicious and creamy. I will definitely be returning for more!! ☕️
Marissa McEntire5 stars
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Roots has the friendliest baristas! Great coffee, but I also love their London Fog (they add lavender, so good). Often add chocolate covered espresso beans on top of your to-go cup as a sweet touch. Nice space upstairs to hang out/work as well.

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