the best coffee shop in salt lake city

The Best Coffee Shop in Salt Lake City

Roots Coffee and Co. (the best coffee shop in this area) is a locally-owned coffee shop with many delicious drinks. We also have a variety of delicious baked goods to go with your morning signature drink. Come by and enjoy a cup of coffee anytime!

Your go-to Coffee Shop

Seriously, we have the best coffee you will find here in SLC! We have a wide variety of beverages perfect for every taste and time of day. Come on in and say hello! The best coffee in SLC! I am not going to say anything about other places, but we are sure you will find a drink that suits your tastes right here!

Yeah, many people use Café. We also love it! So, stop by our café and enjoy a gourmet coffee! Try one of our sixteen different flavors or explore our selection of teas. Our café also offers teas and pastries for any occasion!

Why a Coffee Shop in Salt Lake?

It is a question that many people ask frequently. The answer is simple: Coffee shops are a great place to grab a coffee, chat with friends, or enjoy the scenery.

We know that, right? Okay. Salt Lake City is a place where we – the owners of Roots Coffee live our whole life.

No matter what your reason for visiting one may be, we wanted to prove that this city is also the perfect place to get away from concerns and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Salt Lake City's Best Coffee Shop

You can get your local café in Salt Lake City delivered to your door, drink it with us at our place, or have it catered at your event. It does not matter the option as long as we are together!

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